Your planter, your light,

your protection system against wind and sun

FIO is an outdoor modular furniture wall. It was configured to delimit open spaces, through its original features. This ornamental wall was designed with elegance and style, it can be used to finely furnish outdoor areas and protect you against wind and sun.

Thanks to its integrated LED lighting system, FIO can also be an ornamental element during your outdoor night events creating an elegant and refined atmosphere.

FIO can be fastened to the ground or behave as a self-supporting body and be easily removed at any time, thanks to a ballast placed in its internal space.

FIO was planned by matteog design as a modular system , to design a product close to a custom made production, without high additional production costs.

FIO is available in 5 models which have different width: from FIO 1 (114 cm) to FIO 3 (294 cm, maximum size).

Eventually, FIO can be planned and customized according to your needs, if you wish so. 


5 models

12 elements

Multiple configurations


5 outfits

7 standard colors

36 kinds of fabrics

Thanks to its many possibilities of customization, FIO can suit your personal taste as best, it will perfectly merge with the style of your garden, and will reflect the nature of your business, making it unique and appealing when used in outdoor public areas.

What are you waiting for? Create your FIO

FIO can become part of a graphic project , to maximize the effectiveness of your working environment, your business, and your products.

Thanks to our expertise in graphics, FIO can be temporarily or permanently customized with your logo or motto.

FIO represents the perfect solution for setting up your events, because it can become an ornamental element, identifying the features of your business.

Eventually you may be able to cut down costs by offering us the space available on FIO for sponsorship. Find out FIO's graphic possibilities.


Talking about you

Talking about what you do

Telling who's with you